Advanced Poker Tactics

If there is even the smallest hint that one of your competitors has already got wind of your hand, you should be able to change tactics immediately. You need to have not only Plan B, but Plan C, D, E, and F in stock to stay ahead of everyone else.

Conversely, if this player on the right is breaking your game plan, you need to know several ways to thwart his plans and then squeeze his chips away.

Used correctly, the game’s advanced tactics send a clear message to everyone that you are a player who knows exactly what they are doing and that you should not be underestimated under any circumstances.

  • Blocking bets
  • Small Pot Poker
  • A game to remove an opponent from the party
  • Game variety
  • Bank control

How to use blocker bets?

Take the lead, be the aggressor, and grind your opponents to dust by placing bet after bet. This is a payline in No Limit Hold’em , isn’t it?

However, it is not always that easy. Sometimes you get a completely average hand. You think this is the best hand at the table, but you don’t want to take the risk by placing a big bet. In this situation, the best form of attack is defense. Welcome to the world of blocking bets.

Placing a small bet can stop your opponent from placing a bigger bet than the one you would like to play with, as well as squeezing extra funds from an opponent with a bad hand who doesn’t have the means to place a big bet.

Big warning: These bets can be disadvantageous against strong, aggressive opponents. Good players may consider a small river bet as a sign of weakness.

In general, you can place blocker bets as long as you don’t play with mid-stakes players who are willing to take big risks. Your blocker bets should be less than your bidding rates (about 30% of the pot).

When to use bet blockers

  • In a 1v1 game, when you are in the lead for the entire game and come to the river with marginal holding. Avoid giving in to pressure and bet big or fold with a blocker bet
  • When you are in a reasonable draw. A defensive bet here can confuse your opponent and avoid being cornered
  • On the turn to prevent your opponent from betting on the river. Place this bet with a hand that can win the showdown, but you would not play this hand for a big pot.

When not to use bet blockers

  • Against a player who has previously exploited your weaknesses, shrewd or aggressive players
  • When you think your opponent will make a small bet that suits you and you will call

If you spot a blocker bet that another player has placed, you have a great chance to make some money. The best players who bluff with blockers are mid-range players with a good game of no-limit poker. They rarely place small (relative to the pot) bets, so when they do, they are most likely placing a blocker bet, and you can make money by betting big with either hand. However, this is a risky game as you need to place a really big bet closer to the river to get your opponent to fold.

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